So we finally have a blog going!

So we finally have a blog going!

logo25Yeah yeah.  I know it was inevitable.  These things take time.  I suppose its a good thing that its taken so long to get a blog going because that says a lot about how busy I’ve been working on designs!  Regardless,  here we are and here it is!   In the days to come, you will get to see a little bit more about myself and the company than what I can feed you over a simple splash page like the one that likely brought you here.  Also, in the store, you can view and buy works by me and some pieces from my ever-growing personal collection.

I intend to overwhelm you with interesting articles and tutorials focusing not so much on technique as my personal view of the business of design.  Coming from the art community,  I am learning a ton of new and interesting concepts and have to adjust my ways of thinking in order to find success as an illustrator/designer.  There have been and promise to be pitfalls and awakenings as well as huge successes in the merging of the two mentalities. It is indeed a totally different animal than I am used to petting and I am eager to see what the future holds!

Thanks for the visit, and come back again.  It will be fun watching this business continue to grow together!



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